Sleek and straight hair is what’s popular these days. Gone are the messy hairdos and big hair. And because of this there are lots of options out in the market that women today follow to get the straight hair that they want. Hair straightening is not only followed by those who have wavy or curly hair, but even those who are born with straight hair follow it too.

Although hair straightening can bring so much beauty to ones hair, there is also a down side to it. It can also cause damages to our hair which why there are a few steps that everyone can follow to keep your hair not just straight but healthy as well.

If you want to know how to straighten your hair, then you need to take care below some tips for your hair healthy.

First secret to straight and healthy hair: conditioner. You heard that right. Conditioners are the best means to keep that hair away from dullness and dryness and even breakage too. Too much chemicals from hair straightening iron can make your hair dry which is why conditioners come in very handy. Make sure to choose a good hair conditioner to keep your hair soft and manageable.

hair straightening iron

Next is to remember to keep the distribution of heat at even proportions. There are hair irons out there that may fool most of us. They come in cheap prices but what is compromised is the metal plate that a flat hair iron has. You have to remember that when buying a flat hair iron, make sure that the plate is a ceramic plate. This way, the heat distribution is even throughout the plate. This lessens hair breakage from heat and friction.

When you are frequently using a flat hair iron, make sure to put protection over your hair. There are a number of hair protectors out in the market that coats hair from too much heat and styling, and be sure use ceramic ion hair straightener will be the best flat iron tool for your hair, this will not damage or burn your hair during hair straightening. Some are called serum coats, there are those that come as sprays. What is important that despite the getting the desired hair result, you are sure that your hair is protected.

Avoid using hair straighteners every single day. It is undeniable that when we use straighteners our hair looks great but still we have to remember that too much of anything is bad. One major cause for this is because of too much heat exposure which can damage the hair badly. If you can’t avoid using it then buy a device that is designed for everyday use as it also is made to lessen the hair damage but if possible do hair straightening every other day or have a two day interval.

Last but not the least is to remember to keep your hair tangle free before straightening it. This will help lessen the time from straightening it and at the same time it will make your work much easier. Always bear in mind to use your straightener properly. Do not over use it as it will not only break your hair but damage the device itself as well.

Having straight hair is not only fun to have but also nice to look at. It makes us look neat and adds up to our confidence. But too much straightening is damaging to the hair which is why it would be best to follow these easy steps. Enjoy your straight hair!

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