Mabry Castings Completes Casting Finishing Department Kaizen Project

Mabry Aluminium Die Castings , Beaumont, Texas, a grey iron casting and ductile iron casting foundry has adopted “Lean Manufacturing” philosophies and principles as their main focus for facility improvements to increase overall competitiveness and offer enhanced customer service. To this end, Mabry Aluminium Die Castings has just completed a lean kaizen project in their gray iron castings, Magnesium die casting, zinc die casting and ductile iron casting Finishing Department.

Installation of improved lighting, ergonomic work stations, more efficient chain hoists, and increased use of drop bottom casting hoppers have resulted in better castings flow, improved material handling, and reduced delivery times. Mabry Castings is expecting an improvement in lead times of up to 25% to its customers from the lean techniques incorporated in this kaizen project.

Management of the grey iron casting and ductile iron castings foundry stated “this is just one of many lean initiatives to be undertaken and the great success of this lean project solidifies our strong belief in a continuous improvement business approach”. Eliminating waste in every department is a key element in our corporate business strategy.

Mabry Die Castings is a subsidiary of Advanced Metals Group L.L.C. and produces gray iron castings and ductile iron castings for Oil & Gas Drilling, Waterworks, Agriculture, Automotive Aftermarket, Construction, Marine, Machine Tool, Gear, ATV, Rail, Transit, and Off Road Vehicles. Iron castings are produced in green sand on Hunter 20 and Hunter 32 molding units and on an air set no-bake molding line. Die Castings sizes range from 5 lbs to 3,500 lbs.