Mabry Castings Has Expanded Their Green Sand Molding and Pouring Capabilities.

Mabry Aluminum Die Casting has added another automated Hunter 20 molding machine to it’s existing Hunter 20, Hunter 32 and No Bake operation is allowing them to handle double the quantity of 1lb. to 40lb. ductile and gray iron castings. Mabry Castings also offers various “value added” services that include heat treating/stress relieving, painting, machining and lean manufacturing based programs to better serve their customers.

Mabry aluminium die Castings is able to pour ductile and gray iron castings from 1lb. up to 3800lb. They offer pouring of all classes of ductile and gray iron, especially in the stronger gray iron classes 40 & 50. Ductile iron can be provided in the standard classes, heat treated classes such as 60-40-18 & 100-70-03 (as cast), and others per specification.

With the recent expansion of their green sand molding departments, pouring capabilities and their adoption of lean manufacturing principles, Mabry Castings has been able to reduce delivery lead times by as much as 40%. This means you can expect your iron castings on your doorstep in less than 4 weeks.

Mabry Aluminum die Castings, based in Beaumont, Texas, is a subsidiary of Advanced Metals Group LLC. Industries that are serviced include, Oil&Gas, Water Works, Agriculture, Marine, Automotive Aftermarket, Construction and Equipment, Machine Tool, Mining, and various others. Specific types of parts include valve bodies and pump housings, actuators, cable drums, and off highway automotive. Mabry Aluminium die Castings can handle your ductile & gray iron castings needs with their automated Hunter 20 molding machines (2ea), Hunter 32, and No Bake operation for larger iron casting needs. For more information:  send email to, or visit us online at