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Sand Caster Mabry Aluminium Die Castings Ups Molding Capacity

New melting furnace, launder line, handling system

Sand caster Mabry Castings, Beaumont, Texas, has added a third automated molding machine to its existing green sand operations.

Mabry Iron Castings operates an air set/no bake line, in addition to 20 x 24-in. and 30 x 32-in. green sand molding machines. It added a second 20 x 24-in. molder in the recent expansion. According to company reports, the addition is expected to allow Mabry to double its capacity to produce 1-40 lb. ductile and gray iron castings. The ferrous metalcaster also has added value added services, including painting and coating.

The company said in a press release that, together with the adoption of lean manufacturing principles, the expansion should help reduce lead times by as much as 40% to less than four weeks.

Mabry, a subsidiary of Advanced Metals Group, provides Die castings such as valve bodies and pump housings, actuators, cable drums, and off-highway automotive parts to the oil and gas, waterworks, agriculture, marine, construction, machine tool and mining industries. and any other customer die casting parts including aluminium die casting, magnesium die casting, sand casting, gravity die casting, zinc die casting and so on